Panopto (video server RLP) | Center for data processing (2023)

To promote video-based teaching, the Center for Data Processing at the University of Mainz provides the server infrastructure for the Panopto video platform, which is available athttps://video.uni-mainz.deis available free of charge to all Rhineland-Palatinate universities.

Panopto is a web-based application for publishing, sharing and editing videos. To create videos, the associated Panopto Recorder is available as downloadable software for your own PC or Mac for recording webcasts or live streams.

watch videos

Watching VideosPlease click button to expand or collapse content

In most cases, to view videos provided on Panopto, you have to log in - even if you have a link to the video, because permissions are often restricted to members of a university or participants in a specific course.

If you encounter problems when watching videos, please always first check whether you have correctly logged in: On the sitehttps://video.uni-mainz.dePlease make a choicheRLP Loginand then your setup. JGU students choose JGU and log in with their JGU account.

I can't watch videos!Please click button to expand or collapse content

Problems are common when viewing videos embedded in courses, especially when using Safari. Possible solutions can be found on the following page:

I can't watch videos in LMS/Moodle!

Providing own videos

Students and research assistantsPlease click button to expand or collapse content

Alsostudentscan create and publish videos in Panopto. For this, however, it is necessaryby a lecturerGet creator permissions for a folder. Only then is it possible to actively use Panopto (to create/publish videos) with a student JGU account.There is no further/additional activation of the student account by the ZDV for student accounts.In case you want to use Panopto recorder for recording, you need to download and install it -afterYou have been granted creator permissions.

Research Assistants

Students who work as research assistants use their Hiwi and not their student JGU account and then proceed in the same way as the description for lecturers. We recommend using oneHiwi-Accounts.

If research assistants are to work with their student JGU account, the supervisor must create a folder in Panopto and assign creator permissions.

LecturersPlease click button to expand or collapse content

In order to create videos, you first need a personal folder in Panopto. In case you want to use Panopto recorder for recording, you need to download and install it -afterthe personal folder was created.

  1. You can check for yourself if you already have a personal folder in Panopto: log in athttps://video.uni-mainz.dewith your JGU account (select "RLP Login"). If you see a folder called "My Folder" in the left column after logging in, you don't need to do anything else.
  2. If you don't see the My Folder folder:
    If you offer the content of any course as a course in the LMS (Moodle): Integrate the panopto block in Moodle as described here:
    This will automatically create the personal folder immediately. Once you've done this, you will have a personal folder in Panopto, giving you permission to create your own video content. Nothing more is needed.
  3. If you don't already have a personal folderandno way to create a course in moodle to add the panopto block there once you can send us the following form. We will then create your personal folder manually.
    > Link to the form

Departments, institutes, etc. Please click button to expand or collapse content

In principle, it is possible to use a common project folder in Panopto for long-term, non-personal projects that are to be worked on together.

In order to prevent the resources from being burdened by orphaned projects, please first check whether it is possible to use an existing folder - in principle, you can always give other people create permissions for a folder below the personal folder and this procedure is often sufficient. If this option is not an option, send us the following form. Please note that at least two JGU accounts must always be authorized. Also, remember to clear copyrights for any materials you create together. Consider what will happen to the content when an author leaves the facility.

> Link to the form

More information

How does Panopto work?Please click button to expand or collapse content

  • Panopto is a web application and easy to use in the browser!
  • Login with the JGU account on (select RLP login!)
  • Record video content using the downloadable software for Windows PCs and Macs (PanoptoRecorder)
  • Upload, manage and share videos in your own folder or shared with others
  • Integrating the videos into learning management systems (ILIAS, Moodle)

Existing videos can also be uploaded to Panopto. For example, videos that were previously made available via the old streaming server and which can then be played back on current end devices via Panopto.

Further details and links to the relevant pages and documents are listed below.

Installation of the Panopto-Recorder on a domain computerPlease click button to expand or collapse content

In thisinstruction videoexplains how you can install the Panopto recorder on a domain computer.

Login for University of Mainz membersPlease click button to expand or collapse content

You can register at the following addresslog in:
Please select in the next step 'Login via RLP Login':

Then click in the account selection on 'Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz':

How to save Panopto videos locally and connect files in Panopto is explained in ourdetailed instructions.

If you would like to offer your videos in ILIAS or Moodle courses, please note our documentation onIntegration and embedding of instructional videos in ILIASandMoodle.

Embeds in WordPress sitesand into thatLimeSurvey survey systemare also possible. Videos already recorded with other systems can be uploaded to Panopto just as quickly and easily; Regardless of the previous format, the videos embedded in this way can be played on almost all end devices.

Event Recording | E-LecturesPlease click button to expand or collapse content

If you are planning an event recording, please get in touch with theCenter for Audiovisual Productionin connection. For more information, see the information page onevent recording.

The center supports all university institutions with advice, technology and the production of audiovisual media content.

Furthermore, theVCRP offers very extensive material on the subject of e-lectures. He addresses didactic and legal questions, describes various scenarios and provides helpful practical tips.

Panopto app for smartphones and tabletsPlease click button to expand or collapse content

There is a Panopto app for smartphones that you can use to conveniently access your videos on the go. Videos recorded with the smartphone can also be easily uploaded.

Download forAndroid

Download foriOS

Creating Panopto Videos on LinuxPlease click button to expand or collapse content

It is possible to create videos and upload them to Panopto. An exactInstructions and more details can be found here.

The Virtual Campus Rhineland-Palatinate(VCRP) represents the individual bodies

  • Information and promotions around theVideoserver RLP (Panopto)and the use of learning videos in university teaching as part of aVideo Communityavailable.
  • DieVCRP E-Academycomplements the offer with online tutorials and expert chats.

The digital teaching competence team at JGUcan also help you with application questions:

  • For that, visit theDigital teaching website
  • or contact

If you have general questions about the RLP video server, you can contact theSupport for VCRPsturn around. However, if you want onepanopto usageapply for your event, please use the designated oneFormulate.

If you would like to discuss the use of learning videos at universities in RLP with other lecturers, or if you have specific questions about the RLP video server, you will be sent to theSupport-Forenfind it.

Another help is offered by theVideo platform Panopto itselfan.

Why Panopto?Please click button to expand or collapse content

The Panopto application combines many advantages:

  • The videos can be played on any device
  • The videos are stored on servers at the University of Mainz
  • Access can be controlled individually
  • Access statistics are available
  • The videos are uploaded to Panopto and not to the LMS - this keeps the courses in ILIAS and Moodle more compact


  • Recording of presentations, lectures or complex test setups
  • More time to deepen the content of the course
  • Accessibility of students outside of the lecture hall through podcasts
  • Location-independent online discussions via webcast
  • Trying out innovative teaching methods


  • Reception and repetition of the content at your own learning pace
  • Increase in media literacy
  • Flexible access to course content in terms of time and location
  • Independent creation of web content

💡 We have the most important things at a glance for you in onefactsheetcompiled.


Why is my Panopto video still processing? ›

You can “reset” the video by forcing it to re-process. Note that instructors do not have the proper permissions to “reset” the video, so you will need the assistance of a D2L admin to complete this process.

Why is my Panopto video not working? ›

If you get an error message at the video, like X-frame or the video prompts you to log in, there is an issue with your browser/cookies. Panopto supports the latest versions of Chrome, Edge (Chromium-based and legacy), Firefox, Internet Explorer (11), and Safari. Make sure, that you are not using a VPN.

Why is my Panopto video not uploading? ›

If your Internet connection is interrupted or something else happens, your Panopto video may not upload right away. If this happens, give it some time, up to several hours. Make sure your Internet connection is working again. Panopto will keep trying to upload your video.

How long does processing take on Panopto? ›

Uploads will take some time to process so check back in a bit to view content. Typically hour and a half long recordings, or roughly one class session takes about a half hour to 45 minutes to process and be viewable. Anything less than an hour will typically be available in under 20 minutes.

How do I get my Panopto video to work? ›

  1. Launch Panopto Capture. 1.1. ...
  2. Select a Microphone. Note: You may be prompted by your browser to give Panopto access to your microphone(s). ...
  3. Select Camera Sources. ...
  4. Select Screen and Application Sources. ...
  5. Recording the Video. ...
  6. Video Upload and Processing.
Dec 8, 2022

How long do Panopto recordings take to upload? ›

Uploading typically takes about 15-30 minutes for a one-hour video, but can be longer if Internet usage is heavy. If the computer is shut down before the upload completes, Panopto will try to resume uploading the next time it is turned on and connected to the Internet.

Why won't Panopto work on Safari? ›

Enable Third Party Cookies in Safari

Please note: as of Safari 13.1, third-party cookies are blocked by default. This has led to an issue where Safari may not support interaction between Panopto and an LMS without first enabling third-party cookies.

What files are compatible with Panopto? ›

Panopto supports the broadest range of video file formats, including AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, MOV, QT, ASF, 3GP, WMA, MP3, M4V, and more.

What is the file size limit for Panopto? ›

Please note: Panopto does not impose a hard limit for file size; however, it's important to note that large files are subject to network timeouts, so we recommend monitoring your upload(s) through completion. It's best to upload large files from a work station with a strong and reliable network connection.

Why is Panopto video not playing on Mac? ›

Video Does Not Play

If your video does not play, you may have to Request Access. Try accessing the video through your LMS or SSO page. If this doesn't work, reach out to the content owner or your local help desk for access.

How do I upload videos from my computer to Panopto? ›

To upload the video file to your class Panopto folder, go to your class Canvas page and open “Panopto Recordings.” Next, click “Create” [1] and then click “Upload media” [2]. Press “Choose video or audio files” and browse on your computer for the video file that you want to upload to Panopto.

What does unable to process this video mean? ›

In Google Drive, a user may occasionally receive an error, stating Unable to process this video. This error indicates that the video file is corrupt or unreadable. This is often because Google Drive is unable to read the encoding or file format.

Why are videos stuck on my laptop? ›

There are a few possible reasons for downloaded videos to keep freezing, for instance: driver issues, hardware issues(RAM, graphics card, hard disk), display resolutions, codes, and corrupted files.

Where is settings in Panopto? ›

To access your Panopto Video Settings, mouse over a video that you have creator access to, and find the gray “Settings” option that should appear beneath it, as illustrated below.

Does Panopto show if you watched video? ›

Administrators can access statistics for all users, while Creators can see statistics for users that have viewed at least one of their videos.

Can Panopto videos be downloaded? ›

Panopto creates a single mp4 file which can be downloaded and played without an internet connection. For students with limited internet access or who may be traveling, allowing access to downloads can be tremendously valuable. The ability to download content can be enabled on a per folder or per file basis.

Can students download Panopto recordings? ›

Select Panopto. A page with all of the Panopto sessions from the course will open. Use the cursor to hover over the session to enable student downloads for. Select the gear icon [A].

Do Panopto videos expire? ›

a. On the date the subscription is canceled, the user's hours of content that exceed the 5-hour storage limit are automatically deleted and moved to the Recycle Bin. Learn more at How to Use the Recycle Bin for Panopto Basic and Pro.

Does Panopto delete recordings? ›

In Panopto, deleted recordings will be stored in the Recycle Bin for 90 days, after which time, they will be permanently deleted. If enabled by their local Panopto administrator, Creators and Videographers can access the Recycle Bin to restore recordings they've deleted.

How do I get Panopto to work on my iPhone? ›

To access your 'My Panopto Folder' via Canvas on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch:
  1. You must use the built-in Safari web browser (not Chrome, Firefox, any other browser, or the Canvas or Panopto apps).
  2. You must change a Safari setting to enable 'Cross-Site Tracking', as explained below.

Does Panopto work on iPhone? ›

Panopto Mobile lets you access all of your organization's video content from your iPhone or iPad. View HD video presentations, lectures, training courses and events.

Why does Panopto not work on iPad? ›

Panopto videos in your LearnOnline site are third-party content which might be blocked due to your cross-site tracking settings in Chrome or Safari. If you have issues viewing Panopto videos you can change your cross-site tracking settings in Chrome or Safari.

Is Panopto part of zoom? ›

Panopto is a secure video portal for your Zoom recordings. It enables you to share recordings with people who couldn't attend the meeting, and recall relevant moments from any meeting. With Panopto, Zoom administrators get more control over recording permissions.

Can people see my folder in Panopto? ›

Folder and Video Sharing Menu

In Panopto, you can give access to videos or entire folders to a person or a group by sharing them. When you access the Share menu inside a video or folder's Settings module, you can control the level of access granted to your content using the Who has access drop-down menu (Fig.

Where do Panopto recordings go? ›

Recordings are saved directly to your online video library. No copies are stored on the device you used to record. By default, they are saved in the Panopto folder you are viewing in when you start the recording or your personal folder (My Folder) if you are on the main page.

What format is Panopto video? ›

Once selected, every stream recorded using Panopto will be output as an individual MP4 file, encoded using the H. 264 video codec and the AAC audio codec.

What is the maximum file size allowed? ›

As designed, the maximum NTFS file size is 16 EB (16 × 10246 or 264 bytes). As implemented, the maximum NTFS file size is 16 TB. With Windows 8, the maximum NTFS file size is 256 TB.

Can anyone use Panopto? ›

Share it. Panopto makes video so easy, anyone can do it.

Why is my Mac struggling to play videos? ›

Possible root causes could be malware or virus issues, file damage, network interruption while downloading the file, issues caused by wrong video processing, and your player not supporting the file format. All of these are common and possible reasons for videos not playing on Mac.

Why are videos not playing well on Mac? ›

Open video in a private window

The very first thing to do whenever you experience issues with videos not playing on Mac is to try and open them in a new private window. It will help find out if the problem emerged because of extensions. If you use Safari, go to File > New Private Window.

How long should it take to make a 1 minute video? ›

But, you are worried that it'll quickly take up all of your time and energy. How long does it take to create a 1 minute video? Well, it depends… Producing a short video can take anywhere from three hours to nine months – it just depends on what your vision is for the style and quality of the video.

How long should it take to edit a 3 minute video? ›

In general, editing time depends on the quality and length of your source material, and the complexity of the edits you want. As a rule of thumb, expect 30 minutes to an hour of editing time for each minute of finished video.

Can I upload a PowerPoint video to Panopto? ›

Select the PowerPoint you wish to add to your video. The added presentation will begin processing automatically (Fig. 2). Note: All presentation slides will be uploaded to Panopto.

Why does Panopto keep buffering? ›

Buffering. 1.1. Your issue could be Bandwidth Requirements. Please see the following article to learn about our viewing requirements, and then do a speed test to ensure your download speed is greater than the requirements listed: Learn About Viewing Requirements.

How do you speed up a video on Panopto? ›

How can I slow down or speed up my recording while viewing? Use the Speed button in the Panopto viewer or embedded viewer to control the speed of the video playback, from half-speed (. 5x) up to twice the speed (2x).

How can I tell when a Panopto video was uploaded? ›

As the video(s) upload, a status window will appear in the lower right-hand corner. When the video(s) are done uploading, a green check will appear next to their title in this window (Fig. 5). Note: After uploading your video, your Panopto video will process as it normally would.

Does Panopto automatically upload? ›

Automatic video transcoding and processing.

With Panopto, the videos you upload are automatically transcoded for optimal playback on any desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Is there a limit on Panopto recording? ›

Record you and the contents of your computer screen(s) as often as you want, for as long as you want. There are no time limits, watermarks, or other stripped-down features when you use Panopto's free screen recorder.

What is the difference between Panopto capture and Panopto recorder? ›

A local copy is not saved to your computer. Similarly, the Panopto Recorder software must be downloaded to your computer for you to use the software. By contrast, Panopto Capture is browser-based, meaning you do not need to download anything to use the tool.

How do I reduce video buffering time? ›

How to stop buffering
  1. Close other applications and programs. ...
  2. Pause the stream for a few moments. ...
  3. Reduce video quality. ...
  4. Speed up your internet connection. ...
  5. Remove other devices connected to your network. ...
  6. Update graphics card drivers. ...
  7. Try a wired Ethernet connection. ...
  8. Clean up your browser settings.
Jan 30, 2020

What causes video buffering problems? ›

There are two common reasons for buffering: 1) your internet connection is too slow to stream a video in real time, and 2) the speed at which your router sends the video to all your internet-connected devices is too slow.

How can I speed up the loading time of a video? ›

09 Video Optimization Tips For Faster Loading Time
  1. Outline.
  2. Select The Right Video Size.
  3. Compress The Videos.
  4. Decide on the Streaming.
  5. Do Away With Unwanted Audio.
  6. Use A CDN Network.
  7. Provide A Smoother Viewing Experience.
  8. Optimize Videos For Mobile.

What frame rate is Panopto video? ›

Overview. Panopto's Recorder for Windows supports frame rates of up 60fps.

What can instructors see on Panopto? ›

For each individual student, you'll be able to confirm: the total number of views and downloads, total minutes delivered, average minutes delivered, percent completed, as well as the number of notes or comments recorded by that user.

Does Panopto record my screen? ›

Screen Recorder Features

Record your screen, webcam video, browser tab, or application right from your browser with Panopto's versatile online screen recorder. There are no recording time limitations, trial periods, watermarks, or feature limitations. Record as much and as many times as you like.


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