Loan Calculator - Calculate Loan with Amortization Schedule (2023)

The loan calculator is used for the flexible calculation of installment loans with constant payments. An amortization schedule is issued for all calculations. Determine the nominal and effective interest as well as the interest and installment payments for your loan.For detailed instructions.

Loan Calculator - Calculate Loan with Amortization Schedule (1)

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Your credit information

What would you like to calculate?
Withcredit installmentsCalculate the amount of installments at a given interest rate. Withinterest ratecalculate the interest on the loan based on the loan amount, term and installment. WithDurationdetermine the period of time until full amortization.

What should be calculated?

Please enter the one you want hereloan amount/ Enter the desired loan amount.

Loan Amount:

Please enter the one you want herecredit terma. Choose betweenmonthsoryearsfrom the list.

Term of the loan:

Please enter hereinterest rateof the loan. From the list, select whether the specified interest rate is the effective annual rate or the annual nominal rate.

Interest rate:

Please enter the hererate amountwith which you repay the loan.


From the list, select the interval at which you want thecredit installmentsrepay.

Credit rate interval:

After selecting the checkbox, you cangrace periodbefore the actual loan term. During the grace period, no payments are made by the borrower. However, interest accrues for the grace period, which must be repaid later.

Grace period:

After selecting the checkbox, you can enter a one-time fee that you have to pay directly to the bank when the loan is paid out. This equals oneUneaseon the loan amount.

Additional Fees/Costs:

Here you select whether inamortization scheduleLoan installments or full years are displayed.

Repayment plan representation:

TheNominal interestor debit interest provides information about the annual interest costs of the loan, based on the loan amount.

Nominal interest rate:

Theeffective annual rateprovides information about the total annual cost of the loan and is crucial when comparing loans. Installment payments during the year and ancillary credit costs can increase the annual percentage rate.

Effective Interest Rate (IRR):

DieNumber of credit installments, which are to be paid in total by the borrower.

Number of installments:

DieAmount of the regular loan installments.

Rate proMonth:

Dieterm of the loanuntil full redemption.


DieSum of all interest(excluding fees) that the borrower pays to the bank until full repayment.

Total interest:

The interest on thegrace periodomitted. This surcharge is to be paid for the grace period.

of which interest grace period:

Thetotal effortor the sum of all payments to the bank. The total expense consists of interest, fees and the loan amount that has to be repaid to the bank.

Sum of all payments:

The high ofadditional fees.

(of which fees:)

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Key facts at a glance

  • You can use our loan calculator to find out all the relevant key figures for your loancalculate creditand plan their financing with foresight. Check the interest rate of an offer, determine the loan installments for different loan amounts or calculate your loan period until full repayment.
  • This loan calculatoris suitable for most installment loans and consumer loans. The intended use is open. However, if you would like to calculate construction or real estate financing, please use ourmortgage calculatoras well as oursMortgage Calculator. These calculators are better adapted to the framework conditions of these loan variants.
  • The loan calculator is used for the neutral calculation of installments, interest rates or terms. For specific loan offers, please use ourcredit comparison.

This is the best way to use our loan calculator

The practical way in which the loan calculator works is most easily demonstrated using the example of three typical questions that can be answered with the calculator.

I have a specific loan offer. How do I check the APR?

Loan Calculator - Calculate Loan with Amortization Schedule (3)This question is about calculating the annual percentage rate of charge given the loan amount, loan installment, and term. From the "What do you want to calculate?" list. Select the "Interest rate" option and then provide the necessary information about your loan offer. The effective interest rate can be easily determined based on the loan amount, loan term and monthly rate.

Calculation example interest rate:
Ms. H. has received a loan offer for 15,000 euros. With a repayment over 60 months and a monthly rate of 279 euros, the bank calculates an effective annual interest rate of 4.49% p.a. The bank offers Ms H. an optional residual debt insurance to secure her loan against unemployment. The insurance would increase the monthly rate to 293.84 euros. Ms. H. would now like to calculate the annual percentage rate for this offer.
Ms. H. enters the loan amount of 15,000 euros, the term of 60 months and the monthly rate of 293.84 euros in our loan calculator. The result: The residual debt insurance increases the effective annual interest rate for the offer from 4.49% p.a. to 6.75% p.a.

How does my monthly charge change if I choose a longer term for my loan?

Loan Calculator - Calculate Loan with Amortization Schedule (4)With this question you calculate the amount of the (monthly) loan installment. While the loan amount and interest rate remain constant, you can try out the effect of different loan terms on the monthly rate. In the "What should be calculated?" list, select the value "loan installments". Enter different loan terms to see how the installments for your desired loan change.

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Calculation example monthly load:
Mr B. would like to take out an installment loan of 10,000 euros. The bank makes him a loan offer: The effective annual interest rate is 2.10% p.a. with a loan term of 36 to 48 months. What is the monthly charge for a term of 3 years? How does the monthly rate change (if the bank conditions remain the same) if he instead needs 4 years to repay?
After entering the data into our loan calculator, Mr. B. comes to the following conclusion: With a term of 3 years, the monthly charge is 286.78 euros. If, on the other hand, he chooses a term of 4 years, the monthly rate is reduced to 217.30 euros. Overall, he pays about 100 euros more interest to the bank for the longer repayment over 4 years.

How long will it take to pay off my loan in full?

Loan Calculator - Calculate Loan with Amortization Schedule (5)You would like to repay a certain maximum amount each month for your dream loan. Use the loan calculator to calculate the term until full repayment. In the "What should be calculated?" list, select the value "duration". Now add the loan amount, interest rate and the desired loan rate in the calculator.

Calculation example running time:
Mr. K. would like to take out a loan of EUR 8,000 to finance a new home and some household appliances. For this he would like to pay back a maximum of 200 euros per month to his bank. How long does it take for the loan to be fully repaid? Mr. K. expects an interest rate of between 2% p.a. and 3% p.a.
With an effective interest rate of 2.5% p.a. and a monthly rate of 200 euros, the loan is repaid in around 41.79 months. If the bank confirms the interest rate, Mr. K. pays less than 200 euros per month for the repayment of the loan with a term of 48 months.

Detailed help for the loan calculator

With our loan calculatorInstallment loans with constant paymentscalculate. Due to the constant installment payments, classic loans are also referred to as so-calledannuity loan. Almost all consumer and small loans offered today belong to this type of loan. What this means exactly for the repayment of the loan is made clear in the repayment schedule below.

Most construction and real estate financing is now carried out as annuity loans. However, the loan amounts there are significantly higher and only an initial effective annual interest rate is calculated. There are therefore also special calculators for these loan variants.

Monthly rate, interest rate and loan term

You can use the calculator to determine the interest rate of the loan (debit interest and/or annual percentage rate), the loan term and the regular monthly installments. The calculation of theeffective annual interest rateis carried out mathematically correctly using the "internal rate of return" (IRR) method.

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First selectWASis to be calculated and then enter your data in the fields displayed in the loan calculator. After clicking on the "Calculate" button, the results are displayed.

Calculate amortization schedule

Typical for annuity loans are those over the entire termconstant credit rates. Each installment payment by the borrower includes both a repayment and an interest portion: the remaining portion decreases as the term increasesResidual debtand the repayment portion of the monthly installments is growing.Understandable and clearthis becomes when you look at the amortization schedule of the loan. The amortization schedule is automatically presented for each loan calculator calculation.

Repayment plan example: €20,000, 60 months, 2.20% p.a. effective, monthly rate: €352.12
Year:Interest charges:repayment:Residual debt:

You can choose whether each individual loan installment or only the full years are displayed in the repayment schedule.

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Consider fees / discount

About the field"additional fees/costs"a one-time fee / payment from the borrower to the bank is taken into account in the loan calculation. It is assumed that the fee to be paid is due directly to the disbursement of the loan. The fee corresponds to oneUneaseor a discount on the face value of the loan, which is retained by the bank. The influence of such additional fees when calculating the loan is interesting, especially with regard to the effective annual interest rate.

Consider grace period

During thegrace periodthe borrower is released from all interest and principal payments. However fall for the chosen periodcontinue to pay the regular lending ratesOf course, this interest has to be repaid later and thus increases the remaining debt for the borrower. The repayment-free period thus corresponds to a temporary deferment of payment, which is "bought" by slightly higher installments during the repayment.

In the loan calculator, interest is added to the additional interest due to the grace period at the specified (or calculated) interest rate. Accruing compound interest is taken into account according to the selected installment interval.

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